You’re ready to start planning your wedding.  But what’s your best first move?  Begin with the budget?  Visit venues?  Or download one of those Ultimate Wedding Planner checklists that turns out to consist of 498 separate tasks which, when completed, guarantees you’ll end up with someone else’s wedding?  No! What’s needed is a Wedding Vision Board!

In my experience, creating a Wedding Vision Board as your first step in the planning process is a genius short cut to designing the wedding you want – totally the way you want it! But first, a word of caution.

A Wedding Vision Board isn’t the same thing as a mood board.  It’s not an inspiration board either – although it will definitely inspire you!  Instead, it’s a golden opportunity to work out what sort of a wedding you and your partner really want.   

It’s also a lot of fun. And it’s not too late to make one, especially if you’ve already tried to start planning your wedding and you’re feeling the pressure to get everything perfect – without quite knowing what perfection actually looks like.  

A Wedding Vision Board helps you decide what YOUR ideal wedding looks like

With a Wedding Vision Board as your guide, you know at a glance what matters, what’s unimportant and what’s non-negotiable.  

And above all else, you’re able to clear your head of wedding worries, woes, and overwhelm.  For example:

  • You’re feeling brow-beaten by a thousand images of the perfect Pinterest wedding.
  • Hitched is sending you so many messages along the lines of Have you booked your caterer yet? Are these your perfect wedding shoes? and Fifteen wedmin tasks to do before you go to bed tonight that you’re starting to think your mum hacked their site.
  • You’re worrying about how you’re going to deal with family politics that could wreck your big day.

The good news is that your Wedding Vision Board will issues like these firmly in the bud.

By the time it’s finished, you’ll have the knowledge and information you need to make a concrete wedding plan.  Along with clarity about what matters most.  Which in turn means you’ll know exactly how to prioritise your spending, deal with any awkward conversations, and streamline your wedding planning to focus only on whatever YOU’VE decided is most important.  

Planning is So Much Easier Once Your Wedding Vision Board is Done

Woman plays drums because her wedding vision board composes the music she wants to play
Your Wedding Vision Board composes the music you want to play

A Wedding Vision Board puts you in control before you start making any decisions that will be difficult – and costly –  to reverse. It means you’ll march to the beat of your own drum, rather than dancing to the tune of wedding suppliers with vested interests. Or well-intentioned people who insist you ‘have to have’ traditional wedding elements such as a three-tier fruit cake with crack-your-teeth royal icing. Not to mention those seven boisterous under-fives in lacy purple bridesmaid dresses – all of which is, of course, absolutely fine if it appears in your Wedding Vision, but if not . . .   

Your Wedding Vision Board Avoids Arguments

When someone’s certain you need a vintage car to take you to the church, just like they did at their own wedding back in the last century, you simply smile sweetly and explain that when you made your Wedding Vision Board, you realised it was really important to you both to have a sustainable wedding. And end of conversation!

In short, by taking time out to make a Wedding Vision Board, you guarantee your personal Bridal Path will be smooth and straight rather than rocky and riddled with booby-traps, unexploded bombs and the often-relentless pressure to be a people pleaser.

Once you know where your priorities lie, it’s so much easier to focus. And when you consider that on average it takes 528 hours to organise a wedding, that’s no bad thing!

Wedding Planning Like a Professional?  Let’s Get Started Now!

Boss Bride Guide is mostly for women who want to plan their own weddings.  But that’s not to say that you can’t learn from the professionals.  And guess what?  Brides who do prefer to pay for the services of a wedding planner almost always begin by being guided through the process of creating a wedding vision board.

Get set for the date night of your dreams!

It’s a professional’s job to tease the picture of your perfect wedding from you, in order to make it happen.  

What sort of questions do they ask their clients?  

Well, a wedding planner’s first task is to uncover the big picture, in order to set priorities before drilling down into the detail and starting to design your event.

And you can do exactly the same thing.

Preparing To Create Your Wedding Vision Board

  • Fix a date night with your partner.  One evening next week?
  • Instead of cracking open your wallet to pay for a professional consultation, go armed with a bottle of something, and crack that open instead.
  • You’ll both need a pen and paper – or digital equivalent – and access to this article, so you can answer the questions below.

Basically, you’re in for an hour or two of wonderful daydreaming.  Just the two of you, without any pressure from anyone else.  And don’t be afraid to dream BIG!  

Don’t censor yourself by thinking, ‘We could never afford that!’

Just go with your heart and see what happens.

Now Let’s Dig For Wedding Vision Board Gold!

First of all, decide if you prefer to work separately or as a team.  Either way is fine, although in my experience it can be a valuable eye-opener if you both write down your answers and then compare notes.  Most couples discover they’re on the same page  for some aspects of their wedding . . . and deep into completely different books, for others! 

Wedding Vision Board includes image of bride and groom on beach at sunset
A Wedding Vision Board can lead you to this moment

As I write that, I think back to Heather, a bride who’d always pictured herself saying, ‘I Do’ against a backdrop of the London skyline, with a huge party at the top of The Shard.  Meanwhile, her partner Alexander yearned for a casual beach wedding, preferably featuring just the two of them.  (In case you’re wondering, the wedding did indeed take place up in the clouds, on Level 34 of The Shard . . . and during a honeymoon in Mexico, the couple exchanged their own, personal vows on one of Cancun’s white sandy beaches.)  

With this in mind, let’s see if you and your partner are a case of great minds thinking alike – or if you’re going to cherish the differences between you, and do a spot of give-and-take to create a wedding vision that works wonderfully for both of you.

Ready to start writing? Here we go!

Round One:  Nine Little Words

  1. Which three words best describe you?
  2. How about three words that best describe your partner?
  3. And which three words define your relationship?  

When my friend Chloe did this exercise, her immediate answer to that last question was, “Chalk and Cheese!” 

Say ‘Cheese!’ to the Wedding Vision

And just like that, a theme began to evolve.  Not only did it involve chalkboard signs giving out information on everything from a timetable of the day’s events and the table plan, but the wedding vision board pointed to a rustic, outdoors summer wedding, and even the invitations were printed on chalkboard. Oh, and no prizes if you guessed the wedding cake was a multi-tiered wonder of  Cheddar, Wensleydale, Stilton, and Cornish Yarg, decorated with white blossoms.

Round Two:  The Story of Us

  1. Where and how did you meet?
  2. What do you remember most vividly about your first date?
  3. When did you first realise they were The One?
  4. What interests do you share?

When I worked for a commercial radio station, music was an all-consuming passion for most of us.  So when one of the DJs married his producer, the wedding theme was never going to be anything other than musical.  

Just a single spark of recognition about an aspect of life that’s really important to you both can form the basis of your entire wedding.  

Which is why beloved Jack Russells, Beagles and Labradoodles come to find themselves decked out in tuxedos and bow ties, posing centre stage with the bride and groom.

And why so many football and tennis clubs are happy to host your celebration.

Bride and Groom play football after Wedding Vision Board revealed they wanted football-themed wedding
Match of the Day!

Round Three:  What Are You Thinking?

This is the bit where you scribble a few lines about how you’ve already been imagining your wedding.  Maybe you see yourselves in a country church.  Or it’s all about a giant celebration with your family and friends, and the ceremony itself isn’t that important.  

If you’re a pair of foodies, then the catering arrangements are something you’re really looking forward to – especially all those compulsory tasting sessions that just have to be endured.  

Or perhaps some of your must-have guests are coming from far away, and are only able to travel on certain dates, so the wedding season has already picked itself.

  1. What are you already certain about?
  2. What do you honestly not care about?  

Round Four:  The Tough Stuff

So one of your closest relatives got Four Big No’s on Britain’s Got Talent, and volunteered to be your wedding day magician the moment he heard you’re engaged?  

No seriously.  One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is having to face up to difficult things.  

The death of a loved one, and the pain of knowing they won’t be there to see you marry.  Fall-outs between relatives that make you feel as if you have to pick a side.  Even a wish to make your wedding an adults-only affair, but being afraid to say that this is what you want, because you’re scared people will take offence or judge you for your decision.

You can begin to overcome the difficulties by squaring up to them at the outset of your wedding planning, instead of trying to push them to the back of your mind.  

And you’ll definitely feel better for it.

Dealing With Your Wedding Day Fears

For example, if you’re dreading picking your dress because your mother can’t be at your side sharing one of your biggest bridal moments, then think which experience will be better for you:  choosing the dress with one of your best friends, perhaps one who knew your mum, or inviting a relative to go with you – your sister, or an aunt?

I’m reminded of this story, about a bride from Las Vegas whose beloved Grandma Janice had died, and the moment her groom reduced his new wife to happy, happy tears, by surprising her – and everybody else – during the reception with a long-forgotten recording of her grandmother singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

By coming up with solutions now, you can identify wedding flash points and explosive situations, stop them growing like monsters in your mind, and hopefully make them vanish.  

And if things get tricky, a Wedding Vision helps you fight fire with fire!

And once you start thinking things through, you might decide you’re willing to compromise on some points:  for example, children welcome during the daytime, but not in the evening.  

If not, remember this is your wedding, not someone else’s. In the end, what you say goes.  

So if you have relatives at war, you’ll tell them at an early stage:  “We made our wedding vision board and we really want you both there.  But only if you can put your differences aside.  Can you do that for us?”

  1. Do you anticipate any wedding difficulties or heartaches?
  2. If so, what ideas do you have to minimise the issues?
  3. How easy/difficult would it be to make these solutions happen?
  4. What’s non-negotiable?
  5. If others are unable to support your wishes, what’s your Plan B?

Round Five:  And We’re Doing This Because?

Have you thought about why you’ve agreed to get married?

 Is it to make your relationship meaningful, in a way that ‘just’ living together does not?  Because you see the ceremony as an ultimate commitment?  Because you want the same things in life?  

Perhaps no-one else can make you laugh, especially on a really bad day.  Or the pair of you always have fun, even when you’re doing absolutely nothing. Or you love the way they encourage you to take risks.

List three reasons who you want to marry your partner.

  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your answers might hold the key to the emotional vibe you want to create on the day.

For example, a wedding filled with laugher; a leisurely, laid-back event; an action-packed day of experiences and excitement; heartfelt, romantic, traditional.  

wedding vision board helps you prioritise what is most important
Decisions, decisions: your Wedding Vision helps you prioritise the stuff that matters most

You could also try visualising your wedding day itself.  What’s the first thing you see?  

When it comes to the ceremony, are you going with the traditional vows, or can you imagine youself saying something more personal?  

What’s the most unusual aspect of your wedding?  

What happens at the reception?  

By focusing on why you’re getting married and your expectations for the day, you’ll get some valuable ideas about what’s particularly important for you – and I can safely say it won’t be the colour of the table cloths or whether you should rent chair covers and sashes that you think about first.

Round Six:  How Was It For You?

Spend the next few minutes chatting about the weddings you’ve been to, and seen on tv or the cinema. Not because you want to copy them, but to pin down what made them memorable.  

Now back to your own vision.

  1. At the end of your wedding day, how do you want the guests to feel?
  2. What do you want people to remember most vividly by the time you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?
  3. Which parts of the day are you already sure you’ll never forget?
  4. How do YOU want to feel when you look back on the day in years to come?

Round Seven:  Pick Three – Or Maybe Four!

By now, you might have a good idea which elements of your wedding are most important. But let’s make your wedding vision even sharper by picking your top three must-haves.

VenueVideographyFood & DrinkPhotography
FlowersDress, Hair &MakeupStyle/ThemeRings
Guest ListRingsHoneymnoonCeremony
Or you can always rank these from 1 – 12 to see clearly what your wedding priorities lie

How To Pull Your Wedding Vision Board Into Focus

Give your answers a few days to breathe – not least because you’ll be amazed how many extra wedding ideas will pop into your head once you’ve answered these questions.

When you’re ready to move to the next stage of designing your wedding, you’ll need a bunch of wedding magazines or (probably easier) a session at your computer to do some serious online detective work.

You’ll be hunting for images that bring your initial, most important, wedding ideas to life.  And if you’re like most people who do this, it’s not so much finding the pictures and words, it’s knowing where to draw the line, so you avoid getting overwhelmed by choice . . . although by now, you have a much better idea what you’re looking for.

I suggest you set aside at least an hour (some brides are super decisive!) or more likely a couple of evenings to collect and bring together the raw material that’s going to be your map as you plan your wedding.

You also need to decide if you’re going to be a digital Boss Bride, who creates her wedding vision board online, or if you’re an old fashioned white board, scissors and glue kind of a girl who’s going to stick her Wedding Vision on the wall and use it as a firm foundation for all future planning.

Either way, I’d love to know how your wedding vision turns out!  Feel free to email and we’ll gift you an Amazon Voucher if we feature it here on our site.

Take A Look At These Wedding Vision Boards 

It’s always fun to see how other people’s vision board turn out, so here are three of my favourite results:

1 ♡ Lauren & Garrik’s Wedding Vision Board ♡

This video never ceases to make me smile, because if ever there was an apparently reluctant-to-get-involved groom, you’re about to meet him.  In the opening scenes, you’d be forgiven for thinking Garrik has actually been taken hostage by his bride to be – the look on his face at 1.33 is priceless!  These two are younger than your average bride and groom – as we discover when Lauren finds the wedding car of her dreams but confesses she’s not actually old enough to rent it – but you’ll see how their wedding themes emerge, and how a colour palette reveals itself.  I also love the sparkler send-off idea.  Oh, and make sure you watch right to the end, for a wonderful surprise at 10.37

2 ♡ Kiz & Justin’s Wedding Vision Board ♡

These two completed the Boss Bride Guide Wedding Vision Questions, collated their answers and came up with this piece of paper.  They apologise for the handwriting.

When they started searching for images, they thought they’d struck paydirt when they typed ‘London Wedding Venue Train’ into Google and came across a warehouse in East London where they could marry in a one-time railway ticket hall. The perfect fit for a ‘relaxed urban vibe’.

So they got married there, and lived happily ever after?  Er, no. 

Just for fun, they searched ‘Get married on a train’ (having met on the Bedford to Brighton line) and when the results appeared, Justin and Kiz knew immediately they wanted to get married on The Bluebell Railway.

Kiz explained:  ‘Sussex isn’t so far from London, and the moment we downloaded the Bluebell Railway brochure, we knew the biggest part of our wedding jigsaw had fallen into place. It would never have happened if we hadn’t decided to make a wedding vision board!’

3 ♡ The Blue Wedding Vision Board ♡

Meet aspiring wedding planner Christina!  She’s pillaged the shelves of her local newsagent and printed out images for the wedding she’s designing as part of her training.  Take a look over her shoulder, and see how she pulls everything together.

Ready To Make Your Boss Bride Wedding Plan?

If you’ve finished your Wedding Vision, I’d love to see what it looks like! You can contact me at and if I use it on the site, I’ll be happy to say thank you by way of an Amazon Gift Voucher.

And now you’re eager to bring your Wedding Vision to life?