True love, they say, is written in the stars.  If you’ve always thought you live up to the character traits for your star sign – and as an analytical Virgo who once tried to strangle a stubborn Taurean, I’d say I qualify! – why not take things a celestial step further and see if you can use one of our most ancient arts to fix your wedding date?

When you learn how to pick a wedding date by using astrology, and choose an especially lucky day to embark on your new life together, you’re giving fate an extra safety net.  And once you’ve named the date, you might even find you’ve created a ready-made wedding theme into the bargain.

So let’s focus on  Zodiac signs first.  Remember when you first met your partner?  If you’re like most of us, one of the first things you did was to casually enquire about their star sign, and then sneak off to see if the pair of you were compatible.  

The fact that you’ve announced your engagement suggests you’ve found your soulmate. So let’s take this one step further by picking a wedding date that uses astrology.

After all, who doesn’t want the stars perfectly aligned on their chart on the day they embark on the big adventure we call marriage?

But first, a recommendation for everyone who’s still in the early stages of wedding planning.

Before you go sending out save the date cards, please do take a look at one of our most popular articles. It answers the question, ‘How long does it take to plan a wedding?’ and will give you a ton of insights to make everything faster and less stress-ridden.

Does Wedding Date Astrology Point To Getting Married On Your Birthday?

Many astrologers recommend that if possible, you get married during your birthday season – so for example, a Capricorn could do a lot worse than opt for a January wedding.  

But if the very idea of getting married on a cold winter’s day makes you shudder – let alone shiver – there’s an excellent alternative.  

How about getting married around the time of your ‘half-year birthday’?  Professional astrologers seem to agree this is a sound idea.

It means Capricorn brides can also usefully consider dates in July, when the Sun shines brightly on their relationships.  Or a Leo who favours a half-year birthday wedding could do worse than getting married when Aquarius is centre-stage.

Starry Marriage Guidance

As you probably know, Zodiac signs divide into four groups: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  So other than the birthday/half-year birthday idea, let’s drill down and see what else is recommended for you, both in terms of ideal dates and your personal wedding style.

Wedding Date Astrology For Air Signs:  Gemini, Libra & Aquarius:  Inquisitive and Sincere

People who don’t know you well might think you’re unemotional.  What they don’t realise that just because you don’t bang on about your feelings, it doesn’t mean you feel things any less than anyone else.  So while you’re unlikely to get tearful when you come to make your vows, the words you speak will most certainly come from the heart.  

Blue sky, white clouds illustrate wedding date astrology for air signs

In terms of picking a date:

  • Gemini:  The time of year you get married is less important to you than making sure everyone has a good time, and that the celebration isn’t rushed.  Which means getting married over a long weekend might suit you best of all. Astrologically, think about marrying in September/October.
  • Libra:  Early in autumn – October – would be a good combination of your star sign and the time of year. As a romantic, you might also be tempted by the thought of a Valentine’s Day Wedding, but please don’t!  Here’s an article that explains why it would be a TERRIBLE idea.
  • Aquarius:  Hello Ms Unpredictable! Not entirely sure why you’re reading this article, as you’ll get married whenever – and wherever –  you damn well want to!  And if anyone’s going to opt for a quirky or unusual wedding theme, the chances are, it’s you.

Wedding Date Astrology For Earth Signs:  Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn:  Efficient and Reliable

You’re a natural-born Boss Bride Guide, with a talent and a reputation for being a good organiser and coping well under pressure.  So that bodes well for getting the wedding you want, totally the way you want it.  

field of brightly coloured flowers illustrate wedding date astrology for earth signs
  • Taurus:  You love a touch of luxury, so the what of your wedding is always going to be more important than the when. Is it fair to say that once you’ve hunted down a venue that can deliver on your wedding vision, you’re prepared to be flexible about the date?
  • Virgo:  Admit it, there’s a part of you that’s looking forward to setting up spreadsheets for your wedding budget, timelines and guest replies.  As for the dreaded table seating plan, to you, it’s more than a logistical nightmare, it’s actually quite fun.  Virgos gravitate naturally towards minimalist September weddings.
  • Capricorn:  Of all the signs, you’re the one most likely to opt for a traditional wedding. You’re already taking wedding planning as seriously as you do marriage itself.  And as mentioned earlier, July would indeed be an excellent time for your big white wedding.

Wedding Date Astrology For Fire Signs:  Aries, Leo & Sagittarius:  Impulsive and Bold

A summer wedding is a natural fit for all three signs.  The combination of warmth and sunshine is just so appealing. And if you decide all this wedding planning stuff is likely to get in the way of the rest of your life, you’re far more likely to elope than those ruled by Earth, Air or Water.

Fire, burning, illustrates wedding date astrology for fire signs
  • Aries:  You’re more deadline-driven than most.  Which means that once you’ve nailed down the Big Stuff, like your venue, you’re likely to relax until your wedding date looms alarmingly close. So soon, in fact, that you seriously consider eloping as a viable option.  How about marrying late afternoon on the longest day of the year (21st June or thereabouts) so you have a few extra hours to prep on the day?
  • Leo:  You’re usually the star of the show.  And on your wedding day, you get to be the superstar of the show! In Hollywood, they talk about the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset when the light is just perfect for filming.  Just think of the fabulous photos!
  • Sagittarius:  You have, um, a certain reputation for being a straight-talker, and it probably won’t take you too long to decide when you want to get married – and summer suits you very well indeed. You’re also the bride most likely to choose a red wedding dress.

Wedding Date Astrology For Water Signs:  Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio:  Intuitive and Artistic

blue ocean, blue sky illustrate wedding date astrology for water signs

One of the joys of getting married is the idea of bringing together people from various different parts of your life. You know – you just know – they’re going to get on like a house on fire . . . or maybe I should say take to one another like a duck to water! 

  • Pisces:  You almost certainly live up to your Zodiac billing and feel happy whenever you’re near water.  So maybe a lakeside venue would suit you best?  Or if not, a honeymoon on the beach is a strong contender.  And a romantic wedding in the spring – season of fresh starts – would be ideal.
  • Cancer:  A summer celebration is an excellent match for your sign.  And as you’re ruled by the moon, the party is likely to continue well into the night . . . perhaps even till dawn.
  • Scorpio:  As someone who’s intensely private, your idea of the perfect wedding is a small and intimate gathering of your closest friends and family rather than a cast of thousands. A winter wedding attended by your inner circle is guaranteed to be a joyous occasion for those who are lucky enough to make it onto your guest list.

Or Pick Your Wedding Date By Using Electional Astrology

If you haven’t come across this term before, don’t panic – it doesn’t mean you have to give your friends the chance to vote on your wedding date.  It’s a term that goes back many centuries and was originally used for planning the best time to schedule battles. 

Today, we think of it as the art of choosing the best moment in time for a particular event. Which means picking an auspicious date for a wedding definitely qualifies.

Elective astrology chart to help pick wedding date

Wedding elections have their own set of rules.  Which is to say that finding an astrologically awesome day means you should rule out a lot of dreadful dates right from the start.  

Wedding Date Astrology Rules out Retrogrades for Mercury, Mars and Venus

Mercury Misfortune  

Mercury is the ruling planet of honesty and communication.  So for astrologers, when the planet starts ‘going backwards’, It’s time to redo, rethink, or reconsider, because it’s when bad stuff happens – such as the sinking of the Titanic and the San Francisco earthquake.  I’ve even seen it reported that Beatle John Lennon used to stay in bed during Mercury retrograde.  He must’ve got plenty of rest, because Mercury retrograde happens three or four times a year for a few weeks at a time.   

67 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2021 
Stars form a heart symbol to symbolise how to use astrology to pick a wedding date, and the dangers of picking a bad date
An unlucky date could lead to a broken heart

30th January – 21st February

29th May – 22nd June 

27th September – 18th October

70 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2022  

14th January – 4th February

10th  May – 3rd June 

10th  September – 2nd October

29th December –  31st December 

84 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2023 

1st January – 18th January

21st April  – 15th May

23rd August – 15th September

13th December –  31st December

Mars Mishap  

Mars is the planet of action.  It goes retrograde every two years.  Which means – best case – we get to go nowhere and – worst case – we find ourselves going backward, thwarted at every turn. Oh, and Mars also rules our sex lives . . . need I say more?

Zero Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2021 

Relax. No dates to worry about this year!

62 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2022  

30th October – 301st December 

12 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2023  
Pensive bride uses astrology to pick wedding date
Venus Retrograde you say? Maybe not!

1st January – 12th January

Venus Victims  

Venus rules our romances, making it then planet that is all about weddings and marriage.  The ‘good’ news is that it turns retrograde for only forty days every eighteen months.  The not-so-good news is that the experts say Venus retrograde weddings are a seriously bad idea.

13 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2021 

19th December  – 31st December

29 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2022 

1st January  – 29th January

43 Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2023 

23rd July – 4th September

What About The Moon?

One further piece of advice about how too pick your wedding date using astrology.

See if you can either pick a wedding date that falls within three or four days of a new moon, or get married when there’s a full moon.

A full moon with two hands making a heart shape to show the benefits of picking a wedding date by astrology

Not only is there something impossibly romantic about a full moon wedding, but superstition has your marriage will be especially happy and prosperous.

While a new moon is all about new beginnings, hope, and promise.

Celestial Wedding Themes – Go Shopping With Esty!

If you do pick your wedding date by using astrology, then why not consider going all the way and choosing a celestial theme for the day itself?  If the idea appeals, then make sure you’ve opened your Esty account.

In my opinion, Esty is one of a Boss Bride’s best friends.  It’s a fabulous place to go shopping, with literally millions of one-of-a-kind items, made by independent sellers who love nothing more than making something extra special, and at prices to suit all budgets.  

Even if you’re not ready to start shopping yet, it’s free to open an account and you can do so here. Once you’re on the page, just click the Sign In button at the top right of the page. This opens a window with a button that enables you to register your new account.

And once you’re on the site, you’ll find a wealth of astrology-linked ideas that could help you theme your wedding.  From the invitations and place cards to the wedding cake topper . . . perhaps even a beautiful celestial wedding dress with silver and gold sequin stars? Do take a look!

Books About Astrology And Your Wedding

If you’re intrigued by the idea of using astrology to help pick a wedding date – and much more – I recommend these three books

1 ♡ Never Throw Rice At A Pisces ♡

Great title and a fun read!

Sign-specific tips include:

  • Vows to inspire a Scorpio bride and Cancer groom
  • How to talk a headstrong Aries groom into just about anything
  • The perfect cake for a whimsical Gemini bride
  • A heavenly honeymoon for an Aquarius/Libra couple;
  • What a Sagittarius bride should avoid for a stress-free affair.

2 ♡ Star Guide To Weddings ♡

A really useful little handbook

Wedding planning mixes with astrology here, with excellent tips for every sign of the Zodiac. Find out how the overall personality of your marriage can be influenced by the stars. And pinpoint your personal Wedding Style, to help plan for the future – and your new life together!

“It quickly becomes apparent that beneath the froth, there’s real wisdom.”

3 ♡ Your Wedding Astrologer ♡

Boss Bride Guide Recommendation!

For me, this is the pick of the bunch. Why? Because it goes into the most detail (it’s a Virgo thing!), sign by sign, for both you and your partner. If you’re in then process of trying to choose flowers, food, dresses and music, and a honeymoon destination, the planning is practically done for you, with astrology on your side! Shows you how the planets and the stars can help you sort out the hassles of planning your wedding and come out ahead.

“As informative as it is entertaining!”