Do you remember – not so long ago – when ‘We’re following the science’ was one of the most commonly used sentences in the English language?

Numerology is the science of numbers, and in this article, you’ll learn how to work out the unique Life Path numbers that relate to you and your partner. Then you’ll use your joint number to get your marriage off to a flying start. How? By identifying numerology’s best wedding dates for the pair of you, based on the personal numbers you’re about to calculate.

But first – and in the immortal words of Jennifer Aniston – here comes the science bit!

Like Astrology, The Purpose Of Numerology Is To Single Out Important Days And Events In Your Life

According to numerologists, ‘All Is Number’ which, put simply, means everything in the world can be measured . . . that everything is made of numbers . . . and everything can ultimately be reduced to a number between one and nine.  

Are you a bit special? Keep reading to find out!

The experts go on to tell us that every number has an inherent vibration that gives it specific characteristics.  And that each of us has a Life Number, determined by our date of birth, that offers us valuable insights into our strengths and weaknesses.

There are also three Master Numbers: 11, 22 and 33. And if it turns out you have one of these, congratulations!

It’s almost as good as being blessed with a superpower.  

Admittedly, you won’t be able to fly, or become invisible at opportune moments, but you do tend to be a person who’s out of the ordinary, as I’ll explain later.

That’s probably enough science for now.  

After all, there’s a wedding to be planned – your wedding – and working out when it’s going to take place is one of the first important decisions you need to make.  

If you’re at all superstitious – and according to this survey over 12 million of us in the UK are – the very thought of marrying on a Friday the 13th will have you running for the hills.  

Superstitious? What makes you think that?

So by the same token, if you wouldn’t dream of walking underneath a ladder, or leaving shoes on the table, then surely it makes perfect sense to get married on a date that’s super lucky for you both! 

And that date is?  

Let’s find out how using the power of numerology to pick the best wedding dates can lead you straight to it!

Your Best Wedding Dates Numerology Starts With Your Birth Date

The first significant number you need to know is your Life Path Number.  To find out what it is, grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper, and write down your date of birth.

Let’s use Suzi as an example.  She was born on 15th November 1992, which means her date of birth creates three key numbers as follows: 

15th                      November            1992

1+5 =6                 1 +1 = 2               1+9+9+2 = 21 = 3

Add together Suzi’s three key numbers:  6+2+3  =11

So Suzi’s Life Path Number is 11

Which – lucky Suzi  – is one of the uber powerful numbers that we’ll come to.  But for now, write down your own Life Path Number and then go through the same process for your partner. 

Numbers 1 to 9 illustrating how to use numerology to choose the best wedding dates
Calculate your three key numbers

Do it like this:

Jeff was born on 7th June 1990 and his date of birth gives us these three key numbers: 

7th                       June                     1990

7                         6                          1+9+9+0 = 19  = 10 = 1

Jeff’s three key numbers:  7 + 6 =1 = 14 = 5

Jeff’s Life Path Number is 5

How Will Your Life Path Number Affect The Way You Plan Your Wedding?

Before we go any further, let’s pause for a moment and think about star signs.  You know how Virgos are meant to be neat and tidy?  Scorpios are passionate.  And no-one’s more adaptable than a Gemini!  In other words, every sign of the zodiac has a top line feature.  Then, if you want to dive deeper, you can read entire volumes about the characteristics of each sign, charted by expert astrologers. 

For the purposes of this article, I’m simply going to give you the Numerology 101 overview of what your Life Path Number indicates.  Which is to say, the key themes of your life, and how these may affect your approach to wedding planning.  If, after that, you’re intrigued by the concept of numerology to pick the best wedding dates and a whole lot more, I’ll point you in the right direction to find out more.

The Director: Life Path Number 1

You’re one of life’s leaders.  A hard worker, independent and someone who needs to be in charge of the situation.  In fact, you’re born to be a Boss Bride!  Just make sure you’re not too aggressive with your suppliers when you’re negotiating to get what you want.

Nurturing & Harmonious: Life Path Number 2

 Is it fair to describe you as a people pleaser – someone who loves being part of a team or partnership, and prefers to avoid conflict?  Harmony and love are ultra important in your life.  When it comes to wedding planning, you’ll need to set clear boundaries for others, and make sure your own needs are met, rather than everyone else’s.

Creative & Inspirational: Life Path Number 3

Have you noticed how often people come to you for advice? You’ve got a real talent for inspiring others, you’re more creative than most, and you communicate well.  But your wedding weakness is that some people you’re close to might try to take advantage of your good nature.  If you’re not keen on being stalked down the aisle by ten unruly bridesmaids, well at least you know how to joke your way out of a tricky situation and get what you want.

Wooden sign asks 'Who Are You?' so you can use numbers to discover your best wedding dates in numerology
Your Life Path Number reveals your personality – and tells your story

Family & Knowledge: Life Path Number 4  

You’re honest, loyal, dedicated, and all about family.  You also love to devour information, so if numerology has pricked your interest, my money’s on you to be the person who investigates further. You’re a Boss Bride who thrives on the nitty-gritty of planning – if you don’t have a budget spreadsheet already, it’s only a matter of time!

Brave & Bold: Life Path Number 5

You’re passionate, fearless and adventurous.  And although you don’t take kindly at being told what to do, self-discipline and routine are important to you.  Much of your wedding energy will be channelled into making sure the reception is a glorious celebration, second to none.

Cultured & Creative: Life Path Number 6  

You’re highly intuitive – great at reading other people – and strongly connected to music, beauty and art.  You can also be a bit of a control freak.  Make sure not to set the wedding planning bar impossibly high, and let other people help you with some of the organisation.  You’re likely to have strong – and good – ideas about the wedding theme you want.

Inquisitive & Clued-Up : Life Path Number 7  

One of life’s natural seekers of truth and knowledge, you’re honest, loyal and direct.  Nature is important to you, as are solitude and periods of quiet reflection.  You’ll love researching venues, suppliers, and your honeymoon.  Just be careful you don’t over-analyse your options to the point that you’re scared to make decisions.

The Visionary: Life Path Number 8  

You’re a big picture person, which makes you a natural organiser and leader, bringing passion to every project you tackle.  You need to grow into your power, and once you’ve cracked that, your business ventures are destined to be profitable.  Like Life Path Number 1, you’re a natural Boss Bride.  You’ll love planning your wedding, and deliver an awesome event!

Caring & Charismatic: Life Path Number 9  

You find it easy to make friends, because people are naturally drawn to your natural charisma.  In fact, you’re usually the one who looks after others, which means you sometimes take on too much.  Don’t be frightened to ask others to help with some of the wedding organisation tasks . . . you need to learn not only how to give, but also, to receive.

The Three ‘Superpower ‘ Master Numbers

Leadership & Listening: Life Path Number 11

You’re a ‘Double One’ which is about leadership.  But you’re also strongly influenced by the number two, which means you’re determined to be a popular leader, rather than someone who ignores what the crowd is saying.  The best way to organise your wedding is probably to appoint a small team of people you trust, and then take on the role of CEO.

Hard Work & Harmony: Life Path Number 22

You’re not only a ‘Double Two’ who values harmony, but also a hard-working number four.  And more than that, you’re capable of capable of making a dream come true.  Apply this power to your wedding and you’ll jump over all the organisational hurdles with ease.  But remember, you do have a stubborn streak, and you’re not actually Superwoman, so if friends offer to help you out, learn to delegate – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Great Expectations: Life Path Number 33

As a ‘Double Three’ you’re used to inspiring others, and because you also share the hallmarks of Life Path Number 6, you’re a particularly nurturing person, and you have great expectations for your life and know you can handle more than most people.  Even so, don’t feel you have to take sole responsibility for every single aspect of your wedding.  Instead, look at your contacts list and find the person who’d enjoy giving you a hand with sending out the invitations and other bits and pieces of wedding admin.

So that’s Life Path Numbers sorted for you and your partner.  But how do you use them to pick a wedding date?

Using Your Life Path Numbers To Pinpoint Your Numerology Marriage Number

Four playing cards, all hearts without numbers, spelling the word LOVE and demonstrating the best wedding dates in numerology are on the cards
And now a lucky wedding date is on the cards!

You’ll begin by working out your Marriage Number, which is a quick and easy calculation, because all you have to do is add together your two Life Path Numbers.  

For example, Suzi and Jeff, whose Life Path Numbers we calculated earlier, need to add 11 plus 5 which comes to 16, and then add those two digits, which gives them a Marriage Number of 7. 

There are – you guessed it – nine possible Marriage Numbers.  And here’s where it gets a lot more complicated.  

In fact, so complex that there’s an entire online industry out there of people who make a living by using numerology to supply you with a list of lucky wedding dates in exchange for your two dates of birth and a sometimes-hefty fee.  My honest opinion is that unless you are ultra superstitious, there are better uses for your wedding budget.  

So to keep it simple, fun, and – who knows – perhaps even useful! – here’s what to do next, using Suzi and Jeff as an example.  

Wedding Dates Numerology In Action:  How To Choose The Best Day To Get Married

According to the laws of numerology, your Marriage Number determines specific lucky wedding dates.  So in the case of Suzi and Jeff, with Marriage Number 7 they need to pick a Wedding Numerology Date of 1 or 2 to get married.

“Hang on, what’s a Wedding Numerology Date?” I hear you ask.  It’s what you get when you add up the digits of potential wedding dates.  You’ll find your own Wedding Numerology Date and Marriage Number when you scroll down. But for now, let’s stick with Jeff and Suzi.

They realised the easiest way to get to their best Wedding Numerology Dates of 1 or 2 was by:

  • Working backwards
  • Having an idea of the time of year they wanted to get married

Suzi and Jeff were thinking about getting married in Spring 2022.  Adding together the digits of that year produced a 6   The numbers for March and April are 3 and 4 respectively.  Which meant so far, they had this:

March 2022  3 + 6 = 9

April 2022  4 + 6 = 10 = 1

The next step was to reach for the calendar, to work out which dates in March could be combined with 9 to arrive at a Wedding Numerology Date of 1 or  2. 

So they knew that for March, they were looking out for dates that added up to 1 ( because 9 +1 =10 = Wedding Numerology Date 1) or 2 (because 9 + 2 = 11 = Wedding Numerology Date 2).

Suzi & Jeff: Auspicious Wedding Dates In March 2022

Woman in room, walls painted with complex equations, calculating her  best wedding dates in numerology
I promise this isn’t as hard as it seems – take it step by step!

Wedding Numerology Date 1:  1st, 10th, 11th, 19th, 28th

Wedding Numerology Date 2:  2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

For example, 29th March 2022: 29 + 3 + 6 (29th becomes 11, becomes 2, giving you 2+3+6 = 11 = Numerology Date 2)

The couple did the same again to discover which April dates could be combined with 1 to produce a 1 or a 2. 

Suzi & Jeff: Auspicious Wedding Dates In April 2022 

Numerology Date 1:  9th, 18th, 27th  

Numerology Date 2:  1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

For example, 18th April  2022:  18 + 4 +6   (18th becomes 9,  giving you 9+4+6 = 19 = 10 = Numerology Date 1)

Wedding Date Numerology Can Even Deliver An Extra Lucky Day

Suzi and Jeff now had fifteen potential wedding dates – and quickly fourteen, as 1st April was firmly crossed off the list!   Of the March dates, the 19th fell on a Saturday, and looked like being the favoured choice.

Until, that is, Jeff turned his attention to Monday 18th April 2022.  He reached for Google, typed furiously and then told his bride-to-be, “We’ve found it!  Let’s get married on 18th  April!

Suzi looked baffled by Jeff’s declaration.  She looked at the calendar again.  “But that’s a Monday.  Why would we want to get married on a Monday?”

“Easter Monday!’ Jeff grinned.  “We can spread the celebration over four whole days, and none of our guests will need to take time off work.”

So that’s how to pick a wedding date if you’re Suzi and Jeff.  

And you?  

Here are the Numerology Dates you need to identify, and translate into Wedding Dates, according to your Marriage Number

Marriage Number  1 → Wedding Numerology Date 1 (For example if your Marriage Number is 1, then 12th  December, 2020 is a lucky wedding day for you, because: 12 +12+4, becomes 3+3+4, becomes 10, which then becomes Wedding Numerology Date 1)

Marriage Number 2 →Wedding Numerology Dates 1 or 7

Marriage Number 3  →Wedding Numerology Dates 3 or 9

Marriage Number 4 → Wedding Numerology Dates 1 or 7

Marriage Number 5 → Wedding Numerology Date 9

Marriage Number 6 → Wedding Numerology Dates 6 or 9

Marriage Number 7  → Wedding Numerology Dates 1 or 2

Marriage Number 8  → Wedding Numerology Date 1 

Marriage Number 9  → Wedding Numerology Dates 3, 6, or 9

Wedding Numerology Dates courtesy of

Another Important Factor:  Wedding Dates To Avoid At All Costs

Just as numerology scholars pinpoint lucky wedding dates, they warn that making a poor choice can lead to doom, disaster, and divorce.  Basically, you probably need to avoid Numerology Date 7 – as calculated above – and you definitely need to avoid Numerology Date 5.

This video explains more, but be warned!  Not only is there an unseen hand wielding a big knife on a wedding cake to separate the bride and groom toppers, the soundtrack reminds me of a Stephen King horror story!  

If you’re not superstitious, you’ll probably laugh your way through it.  But if you are, you’ll be checking your proposed wedding dates with extra care, I promise!

Want To Know More About Numerology?

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