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I’m Karen and I got married, on a sunny August afternoon when dresses like this were the height of fashion.  Our theme – if we’d thought of having one – would today be described by a wedding planner as Urban Boho Chic.  Not that we had a wedding planner.  Or much of a clue about how to organise a wedding.  We just muddled through and that smile you see on my face is mostly one of relief, that finally we were married . . . and I’d decided to forget about all the bills we’d racked up in the process!

The years went by

I was working for a radio station, running a busy newsdesk.  Which is a little like conducting an orchestra of talented musicians who all fancy their chances as soloists that they’re better off working together, in harmony.  

In other words, my days were spent organising, scheduling, budgeting, problem solving, communicating and – above all else – persuading people to do it my way.

To my surprise, I discovered I was good at it.  Perhaps I have low blood pressure, but I don’t panic easily.  

And maybe it’s the Virgo in me, that means I’ve always been instinctively well organised.  

I’m reasonably good with money.  Which is the legacy of having a boss who’d give me hell if ever it looked as if we’d go over budget.  ‘You’ll just have to find a different way to do it!’ was drummed into me, along with the words, ‘But make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve cut corners!’

I’m also deadline-driven, which is to say, I’ll happily sit and read a novel, watch a box set, and then meet the girls for another glass of wine – or three – until the consequences of failing to deliver what I’ve promised are about to get seriously real.

And as I got older

After a spell in advertising, I set up my own little marketing business.  Well that certainly turned the tables on me! Instead of being someone who managed other people, I was suddenly on the sharp end of being told what was required of me by my clients.

Even my kindest friends would call me opinionated (or as one put it, ‘Brutally honest’), so in order not to starve, I needed to sharpen my negotiating skills. I’ve gradually grown better at getting what I want, while making sure the people who pay me are getting what they want, too.  

And equally, when I’m in the driving seat with suppliers, I know how to get a good deal that doesn’t leave them feeling as if they’ve just been been mugged.

Which brings us to now

I’ve noticed over the years, how the wedding bar has been been set much higher.  For instance, at my own wedding I triumphantly held my bouquet upside down – here’s a photograph to prove it – which just seemed funny, but I recently had a bride earnestly inform me that if that she’d done that, the wedding photographer and guests would have been summoned for a reshoot.

Perfection is hard.  

And stressful.  

And expensive.  

And Wedding Overwhelm is a very real thing.

Which is why I started Boss Bride Guide.

Getting engaged is one thing.  You accept his proposal (or maybe you did the proposing), have a damn fine party, shout the good news from the rooftops, and then . . . and then . . . well it gradually dawns on you that the wedding of your dreams isn’t going to organise itself.

What should you be doing first?  What should you be doing next?  What should you be doing now?  

And what if you do the wrong thing?  Make poor decisions? Start married life saddled with a mountain of debt?  Or accidentally upset the people you love? 

Don’t panic. Bookmark this site now!

Boss Bride Guide delivers the inspiration and hard facts you need to make smart decisions about your upcoming wedding.  

Every day, more and more brides-to-be drop by on a regular basis to get the knowledge, wisdom, savings and savvy short-cuts they need to help them take charge of planning their weddings, confidently and with minimum stress.

It’s as if you have a professional wedding planner on your team . . . One who never forgets it’s YOUR wedding and that you’re in charge. Oh, and we won’t swallow ten per cent of your budget, either.

If you’d like to learn how to become a BossBride, you’re definitely in the right place.  Let’s go!